Chapter 139 Sponsored Silent Auction
Gilbert Shelf Clock
Gilbert Shelf Clock
BeforeDuringCloseup of movementAfter
Damaged hands and rusted bezel (not shown here) and much dirt were the first signs the clock needing some attentionBack and access lids bent and dented.  The hanger hole tornCloseup of hanger hole area.Repaired hanger hole.It was a simple wiring job but needed replacedechanic motor with metal gears.  No platsic here.Time train before cleaningdrive trainFinished product keeping great time that can be easily read from the lighted dial.
Here is a watchman time recorder that was caught in hurricane Ike and was part of a donation to our Silent Auction.   Sadfly, this is one that won't make it.  The  key locking and recording mechanisms, the gear pivots and pinions,  and many screws were severely damaged.  Oddly, the hair and main springs appear to be salvagable.  If so, then, without a doubt it has a chance of survival, with much work of course.
Asial 8 Day - workingCuckoo 8 day - workingGerman 8 Day German Mauth 8 Day Time and StrikeHermile Bracket ClockMail Room clockSessions Tambour project clockSeth Thomas Adamantine working FlattopClock BooksWaterbury School Clock- working
Schatz model 49 working 400 mantle clock
Avin Brownlee, your Chapter Treasurer, has serviced and restored at least five clocks by my last count.  Here are some photos of the work he has been doing.
Marcus Bush and Ben Fulbright have had a hand in getting this beautiful fully functioning grandfather clock to the auction.  I am sure this one will be gone by aution's end.
John Trego's restoration work.  This clock is just super especially with the copper case now showing its true colors.
Donated by Chappell Jordan Clocks
Avin's work done on the mission oak case clock.  The lower right photo is of the finished clock.  It comes complete and in running condition.  The toes are not included.
I revived on this one.
Various Chapter members donated these clocks.  I notice the cuckoo and flat top that your vice president serviced.
The Chapter 139 sponsored Silent Auction during this years All Texas Chapters Regional was highly successful.  Every item got a new lease from many members that routinely attend the monthly Technical Session.  They applied plenty of skill and patience to the items in getting most of the clocks in running condition.  Several were running better than average.  I hope the winning bidders enjoy their purchase(s) and it gives them much enjoyment for many years.

Below are photos of the Auction Table before Mart opening.