Clock Gallery
Seth Thomas Ogee  30hr
G. Becker Mission with solid brass bezel
Copyright 2010 NAWCC San Jacinto Chapter 139
Chappell Jorden Clock Gallery personnel and members of this Chapter took first place at the 2010 national craft project for chapter clocks to benefit the American Watch and Clock Museum. Thanks to everyone for all the hard work. 

Plato Clocks - 1930s
Ansonia Bee Alarm Clocks
Got a favorite clock you want to show?  Send me some pics with descriptions and I will post them for members to enjoy.  Any information can be added to your gallery. 
Tiffany Never WindTiffany Never Wind Ceramic Dial.Energy Source.Coils (slightly out of focus).Suspension area.
Tiffany Never Wind - produced in the early 1920s by the Tiffany Never Wind Company of New York.  This is a model #1100 single contact torsion clock.  It is their smaller version that impulses in one direction approximately every 8 seconds.  The source is 4.5 volts from three D batteries connected in series. 
E. Howard Grandfather Clock, University of Vermont in Burlington
E Howard Grandfather clock.  I was told that the clock was made specifically for the University.  It is located in the Billings Hall.Oak case with hand carved design.Detail of carving on front of case.Dial.  I could not locate anyone to get permission to view it in detail.
Unidentified French wall clock