Gallery No. 2
2012 Xmas Party
I want to thank everyone who made the trip out to the northwest part of town and participated in the annual Chapter Christmas party at Mary Lou Leason's home.  There were more than enough snacks and side dishes to keep everyone busy eating before the main course.  My favorite was the praline as it went with, well everything including the turkey, mashed potatoes gravey and anything else I could put into my face.  I am sure Mary Lou appreciated the crew that stayed and helped clean up after the conclusion of the White Elephant exchange.  And speaking of the exchange, did I tell you the one about a certain so-and-so that got a $25 gift certificate, lost it to another player, drew another one, lost it again, but took the first one away and could finally keep it?  Ok, I won't say any more as it is a long story and had a sad ending for Becky B.    Enjoy the pics.
Copyright 2010 NAWCC San Jacinto Chapter 139
400 Day Clock Class of 2009.  Do you recognize anyone?
Xmas 2009
Xmas 2009
Xmas 2009
Xmas 2009
Xmas 2009 with host Chuck Campbell
F105  Ann took my hammer.
F105 Instructor John Hubby with me here.
F105 Some amish dude.
F105 Trouble makers
F105 Graceous host.
F105 Maybe it neeeds more oil?
F105 It looks straight.
F105  He said to twist it here, I think.
F105 Hummm, I think I need a hammer.
Field Suitcase 105 - 400 Day Clocks 2009
Captions subject to change with assistance.
Clock and Watch Galleries
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F103 Chiming Clock Suitcase Class completed this past weekend.  Everyone forgot to take pictures.
2010 All Texas Chapters Regional
Pre Show
Marriott Convention Center Loading Bays
Inside view of Bay one
Inside view of Bay 2
Don't forget to mark off the table when they arrive
Geeze, we need another table
Ah, here's one
Unloading Area
I am tired
Mart Room
Legacy Exhibit
Saturday Evening Presentation
Send your photos in and share with the rest of the community.  Click to send
Re Legacy:  There are no pics of the clocks that were back in the recess, between the wall and front tables.  Send 'em if you got 'em.
Xmas 2010 with host Dennis Bell
2010 Xmas Party at the Bell's
What a wonderful gathering
Grand Entrance
Tim and George
Tim, Dennis (host) and George
Truly a delight!
2011 February One Day Show
Skeleton Clock Presentation by Marcus Bush
Marcus Bush (left) and Tim Glanzman (right, Chapter President)
Del Rolison, instructor of Chapter 139 Skeleton Clock Class.
Marcus showing a pivot hole guide (template) made by Del.
Dill press sensitive attachment for use with micro bits. (check out Sherline for the item)
Closeup view of drill press with sensitive drilling attachment for micro bits
Chapter Skeleton Clock Class of 2010 instructed by Del Rolison.Del
Marcus Bush presented a super talk on the construction of a skeleton clock.  He described each construction step in detail and provided several examples along the way.  This presentation was a product of the Chapter's first skeleton clock construction class.  Del Rolison was the lead instructor with Marcus assisting.  
2011 May One Day Show
Slide show showing step by step progress of clock case restoration.
John Schmieg - Master Woodworker
cutting veneer
Fitting veneer piece.
A bit more trimming .........
Is that my coffee?
Don Leason assisting.
Finished veneer work on mantle clock.
Example of finished veneer work.
John Schmieg Master Woodworker and all around good guy presented Chapter members a wonderful presentation on clock case restoration.  He was limited in his demonstration since he could not use chemicals but he got his points across very well.  He stressed that any repair could be done with just a little know how as long as the proper materials were used.  He also stressed that just about any supplies are available and it is just a matter of knowing where to find them.  One of his favorite tools is a heating knife used to apply colored fillers to hide imperfections (worm holes, nicks and such). Refer to the Tech Session page for more.
2011 November One Day Show
Del Rolison gave a slide presentation on how to repair gears using a machinest lathe, self made jig and a little silver solder (5% silver).  He then gave a demo of his techniques on a real application.
These shots show just some of the many clocks and other horological materials available to members.   The tredle fits under a watchmakers bench to power a lathe.
2011 Xmas Party
Host Marcus Bush talking with Brian Martin.
Ben, Pat and Nita.
Time punch clock from Galvenston company.
Just a smpling of 'stuff'.
What is that?   Hummmm.........
Brian, Karen, look at the size of that clock.
Veggies too.
Terry Brotherton reading MY watch book.
Nice design.
Exchange gift opening.
What is it?
Hey, come back here with my gift.
I can't see a thing!
Heidi selecting another gift.  Look at the size of that clock!
Mom, what do you think? (Fawn and Mary Lou Leason and friends)
Marcus modeling his exchange gift.  I think Dave wants 'em.
Oh oh, somebody is going to get it.
Tim presenting Yak Spit to a student of the Clock/Watch Case Restoration Class.
Close up view of Yak Spit product being given to.......who is that on the left most viewing edge?
Lucky recipient.
2011 All Texas Chapters Regional
Main Exhibit - Marcus Bush chaired the special display of Fashon Clocks.
John examining his winning prize from a random drawing.  I don't think it will help improve his collection but does give a smile to everyone.
Special Exhibit - John Hubby displayed many key anniversary (400 day) clocks that were discussed during his evening presentation.
large pdf file
2013 All Texas Chapters Regional
Chapter Sponsored Silent Auction
Mart Activity
Main Exhibit
Banquet Breakfast
President Marcus Bush making brief speech about years activities Regional outlook.
Jerry Thornsberry, our NAWCC National Representative presenting a briefing of National's activities and progress report.
Signing up to enter the Mart room.
Getting ready for the start of the Mart's 'It's For Free'.
Digging into all that 'It's For Free' stuff.
One of the many Silent Auctions.
John reading the winning number for the drivng watch
Winner of the watch
John reading off the winner of the Mart money.
Mary Lou Leason is the winner!
$500.00 in Mart money.
Many clocks were restored during the year by participants that are often found attending  the Chapter's monthly Technical Session.
Prep For Chapter Silent Auction
Payment time
Quick and efficient payment
Photos supplied by Becky Bush, Patrica Holloway and John Trego
2013 Xmas Party
Our annual Chapter Christmas party was very graciously hosted by Connie and Michael Shourd.  Upon arrival we were given access to any and all rooms in the home.  There was not a room without a clock.  Some rooms had many clocks.  Some rooms housed very special clocks. Of the thirty-three attendees at least twenty-six were Chapter members.  The buffet tables were adorned with fried turkey, baked ham and smoked salmon along with more sides, salads and desserts than you can imagine.  The “White Elephant” gift exchange was very active with many gifts being stolen.  Several gift items were stolen enough times to be considered “frozen”.  Once again Gary Briggs opened more gifts than anyone.  It seems that every time he opened a gift it was immediately stolen.  Running a close second in stolen gifts was Ben Fulbright.  Others in the room were begging for gifts to be stolen.  The favorites of the gift exchange seemed to be two complete clocks and two 3 Lb. bags of chocolate candy.    
Thanks again to our hosts Connie and Michael.  

Hosts Connie and Michael Shourd
F501 Recoil Escapement Class

Nine members of Chapter 139 have completed the NAWCC F501 Field Suitcase Workshop.  The Repair/Replace American Strip Recoil Escapement course was instructed by Fred Tischler.
The students were taught two methods for making new verges for American Recoil Escapements.  Each student’s clock was to be working with either of the two newly made verges before the end of the second day.
Those taking and completing the session were: Roy Bryant, George Kabacinski, Stanley Pryor, Glyn Gibson, Joe Mixon, John Trego, Tim Glanzman, Gordon Shahin and Marcus Bush 
The two day class was held at Turn Key Coatings, 8411 Rannie Road in Houston.  Thanks Tim for providing your facility’s for our use.  
Thanks to Joe and Fred for getting together and coordinating the class.  
We can thank Nita Mixon for all of us leaving Sunday a couple of pounds heavier.  She provided a wonderful apple and pecan cobbler Saturday followed by an equally delicious blueberry one Sunday.  

Marcus Bush

Instructor Fred Tishler and Gordon.
Joe and Stanley
Glyn and Roy
Gaeorge (foreground) and the others.
Rear L to R: Stanly Pryor, Glyn Gibson, John Trego, Instructor Fred Tischler, Roy Bryant, George Kabacinski and Tim Glanzman.
Front L to R: Marcus Bush, Joe Mixon and Gordon Shahin.
2014 All Texas Chapters Regional
Mart Activity
Main Exhibit - Tower Clocks
It's For Free
August 2014

Hats off to all the Chapter 139 members who made this another successful Regional.  John Trego, Mart Chairman and Marcus Bush, President, spent two and one-half busy days covering the Mart.  Joe and Nita Mixon did a great job with the Chapter Sponsored Auction, Darrah Artzner, Avin Brownlee, Pat Holloway and Becky Bush handled the registration desk with ease.  Hilda Norris not only kept the cookies going and the coffeepots flowing, but also managed to help at the registration desk.  Stanley Pryor handled the mart room silent auction and Drew Lundgren did a good job running the ever popular “It’s for Free” tables.  Ken Arnold and Sammy Johnson and their crew were applauded for their ease with the unloading (and reloading) items for the Mart Room.  Tim Glanzman was always popular because he presented the door prizes.   
We thank our speakers, Pat Holloway, John Acker, Tom Smith Jim Dubois and John Hubby.  Jim was also kind enough to bring his tower clock for our exhibit.  
And last but not least, you, the people that come from near and far to buy and sell clocks, watches and the parts that keep them running.  It’s always good to see old friends and see what exciting treasures they bring with them.  
The Chapter Sponsored Auction was once again great.  The cash bar and free James Coney Island hot dogs helped everyone relax and wait to see if they were the winners of the items they bid on.  
We had a good crowd at the breakfast too.  NAWCC Representative, George Goolsby, was at the breakfast to speak about the Endowment Foundation and what it can mean to our organization.  George also presented Tim Glanzman, a very active Chapter 139 member, with a much deserved Fellow Award.  
One thing that may have helped the numbers at the breakfast was the presentation of $200 cash prize.  No one was more surprised that George Goolsby when his number was drawn.  He kindly offered to have the drawing done again.  Jack Stoker, a familiar face at all the clock shows, won this big prize.  
Another big prize was a free, two night stay including breakfast at the Marriott Houston Westchase Hotel.  Tom Norris was the lucky winner of this prize presented in the Mart Room.
Frank Van Zant won the final big drawing for the $500 Mart Money.  There were other prizes of clock books and smaller cash prizes given out to lucky people during the show.  
After a breather, everyone involved with putting together this successful Regional, will begin planning for our One Day Show in November.  Hope to see you all there.  (Marcus Bush, President)

Avin Brownlee getting ready for registration customers.
Hilda Norris and Becky Bush unpacking various registration forms.
Nitta Mixon prepping the Chapter sponsored Silent Auction area.  Heidi Fulbright and Avin Brownlee looking on...
Silent Auction - some of the items that went to high bidders.
Jim DuBois
John Acker
Patricia Holloway
Tim Glanzman introducing John Hubby
Tom Smith
Everyone get ready!
Go for it!
Still some good stuff remaining.
Photos courtesy of  Darrah Artzner, Don Bugh, Becky Bush, Shaun Clarke, Patrica Holloway and John Trego
Some BIG winners
Evelyn Slough assisting John Trego in prize drawing.
Tim Glanzman (right) presenting grand prize Mart money to Frank Van Zant .
Winner of Marriott Westchase two day stay - Tom Norris (center).  Ben Fulbright looks dissapointed.
Marcus Bush presenting $200 cash to Jack Stoker during Breakfast Banquet.
Tim Glanzman (right) receiving Fellowship award from George Goolsby (left) and Marcus Bush.
Chapter Sponsored Kitchen Clock Class - Feb 2015
Subject of the class.
Looking toward front of room.Getting started
Left side
Most of the Right side.
Getting started.
Gary Briggs at the bench.
Authur Madrid,  Gregory Graham and Ann Jurecka at cleaning station
Carol and Authur Madrid and Sammy Johnson (behind)
Carol Madrid
Giovanni Santarsiere hard at work.
Ken Arnold (facing) showing Gregory Graham and Sammy Johnson something but have no idea what it could be.
Joe Mixon who, by the way, is the Chapter's class scheduler.  Thanks Joe!
Playing with gears.
Ken, Shaun and Gordon.
Sammy Johnson, Shaun Clarke, Ken Arnold, Geoff Parker and Gordon Shahin at the main spring station.
Stan Pryor, John Trego and Tony Tolbert.
Hey, Tom Norris!  What are you doing?
John and Giovanni and the bushing station.
Tim, Giovanni, Ken, Tony and Marcus
John Trego assisting the Madrids
Gary Briggs taking notes.
Giovanni Santarsiere studying gears.
Marcus showing Gregory a technique.
Gregory seems to be enjoying it.
Tim Glanzman and Marcus Bush presenting during the class
Geoff Parker finishing up his movement assembly.
Ken Arnold and Shaun Clarke at the bushing station.
Main spring clean and wind technique.
Tom at the main spring station.
John Trego working on Tom Norris' main spring.
Marcus assisting Tom on a main spring.  Hummm, I think Tom wore out John on this earlier.
Whew, those main springs suck!
Sammy getting some assistace.
Use phone pics to refer to when assembling.  After working on these movements a few times it probably will not be necessary.
Tony Tolbert at assembly
Closeup of Tony at assembly
This class was back by popular demand because we have so many new members.  
The following members supplied the above photos:Marcus and Becky Bush, Nita Mixon, Shaun Clarke and Darrah Artzner
2015 All Texas Chapters Regional
In spite of all the rain that occurred during unloading and some during the event, this year's regional was very successful and was just about the same as last year in terms of attendance.  More prizes were awarded during the Mart, presentations, demos and Breakfast.  An amazing replica mantle clock cake was auctioned off and almost all items in the Chapter sponsored Silent Auction were sold.  Demonstrations on screw cutting and statue refinishing were added to the great lineup of presentations, Silent Auctions and It's For Free! Activities.  As an additional treat, the Lovett Elementary award-winning Art Car Parade entry entitled "Owl-ways a Good Time" was on display just outside the doors of the convention area for everyone to enjoy. 
Unloading is hard work for those that volunteered to assist sellers.
Registration volunteers
Pre-registration packets ready.
Main Exhibit - American Clocks and Watches
Silent Auction
Pre Show and Registration
Breakfast Meeting
Big Prize Drawing and winners
Art Car
Art Cake
Lovett Elementary School kindly loaned the Art Car for our event.
Rear view
Check out the inside decor.
Mrs Shaun Clarke did an excellent job of making this clock cake and Chapter 139 Board Of Directors thank her.
Check out the detail.
Back view showing movement access door. By the way, no movement was inside.  Just delicious cake.
Close up of access door.
Ben Fulbright conducting the cake auction.  Good Job Ben!
Marcus Bush was the cake winner and shared his winnings with others.  Hilda Norris assisting Marcus with the cake cutting.
Tim Glanzman announcing prize winning number.
Big Winners (l to r) Val Link, Justin Overton and Albert Rambaud.
Drew Lundgren (Chapter President) kicking off the Breakfast Meeting, award presentations and volunteer acknowledgements.
Couple of trouble makers.
Drew say hi to the photographer.
One of our supporters Heidi Fulbright who often keeps Ben in line.
Marcus with clock family.  Nita Mixon and Shirley Tolbert.
NAWCC National Representative Caroll Wolfe
Shaun Clarke, Drew Lundgren and National Rep Caroll Wolfe awarding prizes.
Ralph Pokluda and Richard Cox winging it with questions from the audience.
Shaun presenting talk on pocket watch problems (file photo)
Jay Holloway gave a demo on statue refinishing and Patricia Holloway presented her exciting horological Jeopardy game (part II).
Drew Lundrgen giving demo on screw threading.
John Hubby  showing several examples during his presentation.
Bowler & Burdick of Cleveland, Oh was the name of the game.
2015 Xmas Party
This years Xmas party was different in that we had it at the site of the Heights Tower clock building rather than the home of a Chapter member.  The reason for doing this was to give members a chance to inspect the recently renovated tower clock.  Drew Lundgren (Pres) and company did a splendid job of scheduling catering for food and tables.  Members brought desserts and White Elepahnt exchange gifts.  Drew presented a plaque (shown below) for the clock to the owner of the building just prior to the exchange.  However, he took it back stating that all clock repairers would be siging the back before it could be fixed to the clock.  It apperas that everyone had a great time.
Drew Lundgren giving presidental address and in charge of the White Elephant exchange.
Tower Clock plaque given to clock owner by Chapter President Drew Lundgren.
Members on the left.
Close up of members at the rear on left.
Trouble makers.
some gifts for the White Elephant exchange.
Becky Bush showing gift.
Brian Martin
Heidi Fulbright.
John Trego.
Ken Arnold.
Mrs. Glanzman.
Nita Mixon and Shirley Tolbert.
Edward McDowell
Edward working on it.
ony surprised.
Liz Lundgren.
Tim Glanzman opening up on of a dozen boxes within boxes.
Gregory Graham  getting some great food.
Shirley and Tony Tolbert.
Mrs Shaun (Katrina) Clarke (VP) baked this wonderful cake that was auctioned off.  Tim Glanzman and Gorden Shahin were the joint high bidders and presented it to the owner of the building, Jonathan Grenader, in appreciation of his generous donation to the Chapter to help defry costs incurred during the tower clock restoration.
Photos D. Artzner and B. Bush
2016 All Texas Chapters Regional
Evelyn Slough being presented Mart prize by Tim Glanzman.
Ken Arnold
Patrica Combs
Security assisting Tim
Bell Of Bourbon
Main Exhibit
Chapter Sponsored Silent Auction
Banquet Breakfast
This was the best run Houston Regional of all time and hope everyone had a successful buying/selling experience. The weather treated us well and everyone seemed to be having a great time. Only one person thought we came up short by not having a speaker in the evening but, as I explained to him, we have not had an evening guest speaker since moving to the Westchase Marriott hotel in 2010. He could not believe it. Other than that, everything went well except the recurring problem that members continually ignore Regional policy of not buy/selling during unloading. Therefore, unless someone has an excellent solution, exchanging items next year will more than likely begin as soon as unloading commences.

Albert Rembaud assisted by Giovanni Santarsiere did an excellent job of assembling timepieces related to advertising and job related duties for the Main Exhibit and they along with members of the Board would like to thank those who provided items for viewing. It was a huge task for some as one item must have weighed at least a hundred pounds. Take a look at the photos in the section 'Main Exhibit; below to view those items and their contributors. I might ad that, although under advertised, some of the exhibited pieces were available for sale. I wonder if anyone took advantage of it?  Contributors included: Ben Fulbright, Drew Lundgren, Shaun Clarke, Marcus Bush, Desmond, Geoff Parker, Darrah Artzner, Joe Mixon, Wayne Denham, Val Link, John Trego and Frank Thayer.

Several presentations and demos hit the spot with their information on the varied topics that included professional question/answer session on the following horological topics: how to value wrist and pocket watches; why the Swatch company was and is so important to the watch industry; and how to successfully adhere glass and plastic for the production of cases and other items; duplicating wood moldings; a Chapter 168 meeting and presentation on torson clocks and making pivoting aids on the lathe. The Board would like to thank Ralph Pokluda, Richard Cox, Geoff Parker, Patricia Holloway, Gordon Shahin, Bob Holkan, John Hubby, and Drew Lundgreen for donating their time and knowledge toward this series. Chapter 139 has a reputation of educating members on many topics of horology and this is what it is all about.

The Mart not only had several successful Silent Auctions and It's For Free' events but over on the far east side of the building Ben Fulbright was signing autographs of his book that was collated and produced by his friend Bob Holkin. The Chapter sponsored Silent Auction held in the foyer was, once again, highly successful. The 'Buy It Now' table associated with the Chapter sponsored Silent Auction in the foyer was new this year and highly successful.

The breakfast Banquet was attended by over 60 persons that took the opportunity of the great buffet and pleasant company. Chapter President Drew Lundgren then introduced our National Representative George Goolsby who informed us of the state of the Association. Other Chapter representatives reported news on various topics then Drew introduced Marcus Bush who presented Darrah Artzner with a Fellow award for his contributions to the National and Chapter.

The Silent Auction (SA) was very successful even though select items have been getting harder and harder to locate. Several members donated items and others spent much of their time servicing donated items by getting them in running condition and sprucing them up. The Board thanks them very much for their time and efforts.  Nita Mixon and Shirley Tolbert ran the event as professional as ever and are to be commended for it.  Joe Mixon did the dirty work of transporting the items and was assisted by Tim Glanzman and not doubt some other unidentified volunteers.

The Board wishes to thank the Unloading crew headed by Ken Arnold and Sammy Johnson Jr. They and their crew did a super job and are carrying on the Houton Chapter tradition of providing a wonderful but thankless task. I too wish to express my thanks to them as that was my first task when introduced to the All Texas Regional way back when. I have since graduated to the duties of pre and regular registration, a task that cannot be performed by oneself successfully, and am greatful to have been assisted by Geoff Parker, Becky Bush, Hilda Norris, Carol Turk and Kerry Despaux. By the way, Geoff took on the job of Treasurer and headed all the cash flow this year including the acceptance of credit cards. He has brought some other ideas with him to the registration process and we will be implementing them over time. Stay tuned! 
Chapter Activities
Ben's Book poster.
Carol and Hilda at the registration counter.
Carol Turk and Hilda Norris at registration area.
Chapter Of The Year poster.
Darrah Artzner and Geoff Parker at the registration computer.
Geoff taking a coffee break.
Kerry Despaux at the registration computer.
Kerry, Hilda and Becky behind the registration counter.
Marcus Bush getting ready to do some computer work.
Chapter Of The Year Clock
Ben Fulbright at poster advertising his book donated to the Chapter.
Katrina Clark's pocket watch cake.
Katrina Clarke with her pocket watch cake.
Auctioneer flying around the room.  I just could not get a fast enough speed from my camera to capture it.
Katrina pleased with audience response.
Poor Katrina.
Cutting cake
See, it really is a delicious cake.
Buffet line
Buffet line continued.
waiting in line
Drew Lundgren Chapter 139 President
George Goolsby National Representative
Table setting by Nita Mixon
What is Tim eating?
Nita Mixon given Certificate Of Appreciation.
President Drew Lundgren
Marcus Bush at the podium
Marcus torturing me.
Two good friends
Darrah Artzner receiving his Fellow award.
Tim receiving Certificate of Appreciation
Geoff Parker receiving Certificate Of Appreciation
Jay Holloway receiving Certificate Of Appreciation
Special Auction
Tim and Joe prepping the SA tables
Tim and Tony assisting in the setup.
Buy It Now items.
Clocks on cups.
Books with clocks
Set up
Big prize winners
Set up
John Hubby setting up.
Avin Brownlee getting autograph from Ben Fulbright
Ben Fulbright at the autograph table.  Way to go Ben!
Chapter 124 Table
Drew Lundgren giving demo.
Drew's demo
Drew still at it.
Drew finally getting a chance to sell something.
Filling up the It's For Free (IFF) table.
Getting ready to reveal the IFF table.
IFF crowd.
Many thanks to Stanley Prior for taking charge of the IFF tables during the show.
IFF crowd.
More IFF crowd.
Silent Auction table
Silent Auction
Mart Room
Richard Cox and Ralph Pokluda
Horology Q&A
Geoff Parker during his wrist watch presentation.
Evaluating And Valuing Wristwatches
Geoff Parker's display of recommended reading during his second presentation on pocket watches.
Patricia Holoway presenting Swatch, The Watch That Save The World
Do you have the time?
Time in a ball
Swatch display
The only watch Patricia did not wear during her presentation.
Gordon Shahin presenting the Use of UV adhesive on glass and plastic.
Gordon's demo during presentation.
Gordon Shahin
Audience during Gordon's presentation.
John Hubby's presentation title slide
John Hubby
Tim Glanzman
Someone won a door prize.
Picking the winning number.
Photos courtesy of Becky Bush, Shaun Clarke, Patricia Holloway and Darrah Artzner
2017 All Texas Chapters Regional
It's 4 Free table
Mart room.
Val Link and Ben Fulbright.
Drew Ludgren's table
Fellow member, Gregory Graham and Stanley Pryor.
Joe Mixon and Becky Bush at John Hubby's table.
Marcus Bush and Del Rolison.
Marcs and Del at their table.
Mart room scene.
Another Mart room scene.
Mart room.
Val making rounds at Ben's table.
Mart Room
Katrina Clarke's cuckoo clock cake donated to the Chapter.
Detail of ax near logs on cake.
Cuckoo bird.
Saint Bernard dog.
Cuckoo clock front.
Shaun Clarke cutting cuckoo clock cake made by his wife Katrina.
Cake eaters.
Cuckoo Cake
Nita Mixon setting up Chapter sponsored Silent Auction.
Silent Auction
The Chapter takes pride in educational topics and encourages respect.
Don Hellstern
Drew Lundgren
Jim Dubois
Patricia Holloway
Shaun Clarke (file photo)
Note the rain.
Photos courtesy of Marcus Bush, Shaun Clarke and Darrah Artzner
THE RAIN DID NOT STOP AND THE SHOW WENT ON!  We did however cancel all events for Saturday since Hurricane Harvey was getting close and dropping excessive amounts of rain on the area.  We wanted all attendees that braved the weather to be safe and get an early start home.  The Host hotel gave everyone a break if early departures were necessary and we thank them for that. Paid breakfasts were also honored at the hotel restaurant on Saturday morning.  Thanks again Marriott Westchase.  Overall, the Regional made it through ok even though some registrants decided not to show due to stormy conditions.  We can't blame them for that.  Someone suggested that we move the show a week ahead for next year but that is like fortune telling.  We are good, but not that good!  
The presentations were great and well attended; the Main Exhibit showcased automata and cuckoo clocks that ranged from alarm clocks with moving scenes to quail and cuckoo clocks that dated back to the mid 1700's; the Silent Auction went off without a hitch and bidders got some super bargains. Finally, Katrina Clarke presented the Chapter with a cuckoo clock cake that looked as though it could cuckoo at any moment.  Chapter 139 Board wishes to express their thanks to all that worked, before during and after the show as well as all participants which includes the ones that really make the show, the buyers and sellers.  Please take time and view the pics below.
Main Exhibit Description
30 hr wall clock
8 day cottage
Rear center of display
6 man clock
Front back side
more Front rear side
Front back center
more Front back center.
Front back side
Front screen
German 8 day gong and cuckoo on left and Camemer & Cuss 1875 on right
Left front
One day shelf clock
Rensie musical alarm clock
Shelf cuckoos
Wooden quail movement
Roy Rogers alarm clock
Monkey shaving man alarm clock
animated alarm clocks
Right rear
Main Exhibit
2017 Xmas Party
Right back atcha.
Steve getting his exchange gift.
Gordon Shahin at gift exchange table.
Tony Tolbert unwrapping gift.
Joe Mixon getting his gift.
Joe showing his gift.
Nita Mixon assisting Gary Briggs with gift.
Gary unwrapping another one.
Gary still at it.
Finally Gary gets it unwrapped.
Gary now wants to get rid of it.
Gregory Graham gets some smelly stuff.
Liz Lundgren gets some neat xmas tree ornaments.
Drew and his newly acquired clock.
Drew showing his clock.  (Apparently he wants to have somebody steal it.)
Joe gets another clock.
Desmond Rolf trying to figure out his gift.
Shaun Clarke likes it.
Mrs Tim Glanzman delighted at what she received.
Shaun unwrapping another gift after his favorite was stolen by another member.
Bill Hardy likes it.
Stop staring!
Steve Egloff just keeps getting these types of goodies.
John Hubby's first gift.  Neat alarm clock.
Folks near the hall way entrance.
What is this?
Mrs. Tolbert just loves her gift.
Bob Holkan unwrapping his gift.
Bob Holkan.
Jay Holloway got a wonderful surprise.
Kerry unwrapping.
Marcus Bush stealing from John Trego. How dare he!
Just what John Trego always wanted.
I can't ID either one.
Steve and....
Giovanni Santarsiere steals John Hubby's gift.
Katrina Clarke opening her gift.
Tony gets an excellent timer.
Everyone's favorite book.
Patricia (Pat) Holloway having fun unwrapping her gift.
Nita Mixon with a blue fuzzy thing.
Shaun at it again.
Marcus looking to steal someone's gift.
Gary trying to give his gift to Marcus.
Gift exchange pretty much over.
Gary still trying to give his gift away.
Host Edward McDowell thinking about stealing someone's gift.
Edward taking final gift.
Tim Glanzman was a great leader of the gift exchange.
Mrs. Bob Turk.
Mrs. Tim Glanzman with Tim in background.
Gals on the west side.
Edward and Marnie McDowell had the honor and difficult task of hosting the Chapter Xmas party for the second year in a row and they were terrific!  There were more than 50 guests and it seemed as though Marnie worked while floating on a cloud.  I am sure that is not true but she and Edward did a splendid job and the Chapter truly thanks them for their support.  The traditional White Elephant gift exchange was a hoot with plenty of laughs especially when someone looked for a gift to steal.
Please view the photos below and you will begin to appreciate the feast that was available for all and wonderful atmosphere that everyone felt from the host and hostess.
White Elephant Exchange
Dinner time.
Find a spot and eat.
Front room area.
Front room.
Hard working hostess Marnie McDowell.
Home made specialties.
Marnie McDowell near front.
Dinner Time
2018 All Texas Chapters Regional
    During the last week of August, the 32nd Annual All Texas Chapters Regional was held in Houston, Texas. The event was hosted by San Jacinto Chapter 139 with co-hosts Lone Star Chapter 124, Five State Collectors Chapter 80 and Southwestern Chapter 15. Acknowledgement of all the support from the NAWCC membership following Hurricane Harvey, a one-time discounted pre-registration rate was offered. There was grand support from our buyers and sellers with over 190 tables sold, and 319 registrations. Registration Chair Darrah Artzner and Finance Chair Geoff Parker did a sterling job in keeping the paperwork in order and ensuring guests received a warm Texas welcome. 
    Under the supervision of Mart Chair Giovanni Santarsiere, setup for the show was completed on Thursday morning. The unloading crews, led by Unloading Chair Ken Arnold assisted sellers with vehicle unloading and ensured goods were carefully delivered to their assigned tables. The mart room was then opened to both table-holders and attendees at 2.00 pm and everyone seemed to have smiles on their faces. The activity started all over again early Friday morning with silent auction and “It’s For Free” activities in the mart room interspersed with four presentations in the foyer.  
    Exhibit Chair Desmond Rolf had assembled an impressive collection of Banjo Clocks for the main exhibit and this was well attended by participants (photos below). The mart reopened on Friday with strong trade continuing thought the day. Stanley Pryor managed the world-famous “It’s for Free” table and mart silent auction with the support of the Chapter 139 membership.
    There was an engaging speaker program and all the presentations were well-attended. It began with Ralph Pokluda and Richard Cox sharing their years of horological experience during their presentation: “As the Clock Turns: A repair question forum.” Next up was “Hurricane Harvey Pocket Watch Restoration” during which Shaun Clarke shared his experiences repairing a friend’s family heirloom Omega pocket watch that had been badly damaged in Harvey’s flooding just one year before. Shaun completed the restoration, and entered the watch and restoration documentation in the 2018 National Craft contest. He won first place in this class, and pictures should be included in an upcoming Bulletin. After lunch was Pat Holloway’s presentation “What Else Did They Do? Other Contributions from Historical Horologists.” Following a list of contributions by each horologist, attendees were asked to guess who was being referenced. Some elicited lively conversations and a couple stumped the crowd. Darrah Artzner then shared his technical expertise with “Introduction to Floating/Platform Escapements.” This presentation drew attendees from both the clock and watch worlds. John Hubby’s presentation, “The Gustav Becker 400 Day Skeleton Clock”, finished out the day. As always, John’s presentation provided new and interesting insight into 400-day clocks. Several of the presentations are available for viewing on the Chapter 139 website.
    Friday’s events concluded with the Chapter sponsored silent auction and the auction of another amazing Katrina Clarke horological themed cake. Katrina’s creation was in keeping with this year’s main exhibit on banjo clocks and is shown below. Darrah Artzner won the cake and generously shared it with the attendees. 
    The evening culminated in the closing of the Chapter Silent auction under the supervision of Nita Mixon and Shirley Tolbert. There was strong interest in many of the items including a restored Ansonia Crystal Regulator and blue porcelain Ansonia exposed escapement clock. 
    On Saturday approximately 80 individuals attended the Breakfast Buffet where Chapter President and General Regional Chair Tim Glanzmann thanked the attendees for their support during the year and for their attendance and support of the All Texas Chapters Regional. NAWCC National Representative Jay Holloway gave a summary of the recent 2018 NAWCC National Convention and an update on current focus areas of the NAWCC.
    Throughout the event, attendees browsed the excellent banjo clock exhibit chaired by Desmond Rolf. Tom Smith also set up an E. Howard street clock in the foyer on behalf of the Tower and Street Clock Chapter 134. Below are a couple of pictures from the Regional.
    Overall, the 32nd Annual All Texas Chapters Regional was a triumphant gathering. We saw many familiar faces coming back to support our chapters and were excited to meet the new attendees who ventured to Houston for the show and Texas hospitality. We look forward to continuing to grow the participation at our show on 22-24 August 2019! (Shaun Clarke and Patricia Holloway)

Main Exhibit
Mart Room
Silent Auction
Banjo Cake
Tom Smith's Howard clockk.
Richard Cox and Ralph Pakluda
Richard Cox and Ralph Pakluda
Shaun Clarke
Shaun Clarke
Patricia Holloway
Patricia Holloway
John Hubby
John Hubby
Tim Glanzman
Cake Auction
Katrina Clarke's banjo cake.
Dial detail.
Middle detail.
Lower detail.  This happens to be Katrina and Shaun Clark's home.
Photo contributions from Patricia Holloway, Desmund Rolf and Darrah Artzner

2018 Xmas Party
Shaun and Katrina Clarke were this year's host and hostess to the Chapter's annual Christmas party and, without a doubt, were extremely successful at it.  Attendance was down a bit but not enough to ruin the holiday atmosphere and excitement.  The hostess gave everyone a treat, and I don't mean by her delicious home made decorated cake but, by posting many of her prized Christmas decorations that included bulbs, wall hangings and town scenes with accompanying homes and accessories.  View the pictures below to to view them as well as some of the action that took place.
Ladies chatting in the living room.
Hostness Katrina Clarke.
Snacking prior to dinner.
Host and hostess Shaun and Katrina Clarke.
First arrivals.
Shaun welcoming everyone.
Shaun explaining layout for dinner.
Katrina Clarke, hostess.
Hi Ann Jurecka.
Shaun housing a pocket watch in his vest.  Good Show!
View of living room from upstairs.
On sofa: Liz, Margaret, Wayne and Drew.
(Clockwise from left to right) Liz (foreground facing away), Drew, Ken, Joe, Brian, Tim, Tony, Marcus and Becky.
Different angle.
Bob and Gordon.
Yours truly, but, behind the camera.
Hosts decorated grandfather clock.
Gift Exchange
Katrina's Holiday Decorations
Whose in the kitchen?
Dinner guests backs.
Dinner guests upstairs.
Guests dining upstairs. Bob and Carol Turk front left.
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Denham seated and President Tim Glanzman getting ready to dine.
View from above.
Another view from above.
Dig In!
Ken cutting a portion of meat for a tasty meal.
(l to r) Liz, (id), Margaret, Drew, and Ann.
Marilyn and Geoff.
Two Marilyns (near front).
Dining downstairs.
Katrina's cake.
Tim Glanzman (foreground facing away) heading up the White Elephant exchange with the Mrs. reading near tree.
Wayne's turn.
Closeup view of Wayne.
Shaun Clarke
Desmond Rolf
What the....
(l to r) Shirley, Val, Ken, Stan, Geoff and Margaret.
Ken with his gift selecton.
Marcus showing his gift.
What is he up to now?
Marcus looking at Tony's newly acquired flame thrower, err, ok correction, it is a butane torch.
Geoffrey' showing gift.
Katrina's selection.
Liz Lundgren opening gift.
Gene doing the deed.
Gene reading directions to figure out what he got.
Having a good time.
Gene still trying to figure out what he received.  Good Luck!
Joe looking at Brian's nice clock book.
Nita Mixon in the spot light.
Miniature clock shop,
Christmas scene.
Continuation of Christmas scene.
Continuation of Christmas scene.
Little lady (angel) tree ornament.
Neat lighted picture scene.
Entry hallway display.
Wall decoration.
Christmas tree detail.
Wall hanging.
2019 All Texas Chapters Regional
Darrah Artzner presenting
Geoff Parker presenting
Jim DuBois presenting
Richard Newman presenting
Six man clock
Ignatz clock
Jewel and crystal tools
Lathe setup for wheel cutting
Novelty alarm clocks
Novelty clocks
Novelty clocks and watches
Staking set
Watch tools
More watch tools
And even more watch tools
Main Exhibit
Mart Room
Silent Auction
The All Texas Chapters Regional in Houston, Texas was held on August 22-24, 2019. Final numbers are still being assembled but a great time was had by all as the friendly volunteers of Chapter 139 along with co-host Chapters 15, 80, and 124, hosted hundreds of attendees from around the country. Hundreds of tables were set up selling clocks,  watches, tools, and all kinds of horological items.  Buying and selling in the Mart was brisk with the Mart opening at 2PM on Thursday and closing Saturday at 2 PM. The exhibit was set up by Desmond Rolf and featured horological tools and novelty clocks. Several silent auctions were held in the Mart as well several as the Chapter 139 World Famous “It’s for Free” tables.  The “It’s for Free” features eight covered tables filled with horological items.   At announced times, a large crowd gathers around the tables and, after a countdown, the cover is ripped off the table by chapter volunteers.   Regional attendees jostle for position and grab as many “treasures” as they can before the items get scooped up by others around them.   All kinds of things can be found on the “It’s for Free” table including complete clocks, tools, clock cases, dials, gears, springs, and about anything else you can imagine. People could be seen carrying armloads of “It’s for Free” treasures that are bargains at even twice the price.  At 1 PM on Friday the Mart was open to the public with a $10 admission fee. We had general public participation and hope to grow the general public attendance next year when we move the Regional to a Friday – Sunday event which will make it easier for students and people working to be able to attend the main day of our Regional.
     Friday was filled with an excellent group of presentation and demos.  Jim DuBois was the first presenter of the day highlighting “Joseph Ives & Family – Inventors & Horological Firsts”.   Drew Lundgren provided an extremely useful demo on Re-Silvering a Clock Dial.   Richard Newman kicked off the afternoon presentations with a very informative “Colonial Era Watchmakers” that included a brief summary about Robert Leslie.  Darrah Artzner, an avid Rockford pocket watch collector and expert, provided an insightful look into “A Collector’s Choice of Select Rockford Watches…And Why” (click to view).   The final presentation of the day was by Geoff Parker with the helpful details of “Identifying Legitimate Luxury Watches from Super Fakes” (click to view).   All presentations were very well attended. Door prizes – tools, clocks, cash, gift certificates, and books - were abundant and awarded after each of the presentations.  
     Our breakfast banquet was held on Saturday morning.  National representative, Richard Newman, gave an overview of NAWCC highlights and, along with Chapter 139 President Ken Arnold, recognized the committee chairs for all of their work in support of the Regional.  Creative center pieces fashioned from a clock weight shell and quartz clock, designed by Chapter 139 member Nita Mixon, were given away to each breakfast table.  The breakfast was concluded with two separate $100 cash drawings with the winners being Gordon Shahin and Geoff Parker.   Both individuals promptly put the money to good use in the Mart. Gordon spent his $100 towards a Sherline tool rest and Geoff put his $100 towards an Omega Speedmaster.   Glad to see these members following the unwritten, unofficial Mart code of taking something home with them that was purchased in the Mart.  Three Grand Prizes were awarded at noon on Saturday.  There was a full kit Tango Raymond Weil watch that was donated by Bullock Estate & Diamond Brokers which was won by Joe Mixon.   The $250 of Mart money overall Grand Prize was won by Bob Carlson with Bob becoming the immediate friend of the table holders in the Mart room.   An additional $250 Grand Prize for table holders only that are still set up in the Mart at noon was won by Drew Lundgren.  
     We lost two valued members of our Chapter 139 family to cancer this last year – Stan Pryor and Val Link. Photos of the two of them along with memory books for people to sign and tell stories about them were in the foyer or Mart entrance.   Both of these fine gentlemen will be missed very much.  
     The Houston Westchase Marriott, our host hotel, provided very good support of our Regional with nice rooms at $99 per night, lunch counter outside the Mart on Friday, and  a cash bar during our big silent auction Friday night. They also provided a door prize donation of a weekend night stay and breakfast for two. 
     The success of our Regional depends very much on our tireless Chapter 139 volunteers and the many sponsors who graciously donate abundant door prizes to us.  We’d like to recognize them.  While only committee chairs are listed below, there are many other chapter volunteers that aren’t going to be mentioned but also have our extreme gratitude.   And we should not close without acknowledging and thanking all of the attendees who come from all over the country to help make this Regional such a great success.  

Sponsors in Alphabetical Order:  Bullock Estate & Diamond Brokers, Chappell Jordan Clock Galleries, Horolovar Company, Marriott Westchase (Host Hotel), Merritt's Antiques, National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors, NAWCC Chapters 15, 80, 124, & 139, Timesavers

Regional Chairs: General Regional & Mart Chair - Ken Arnold, Registration - Darrah Artzner, Finance & Pre-Registration - Geoff Parker, Exhibit - Desmond Rolf, Unloading - Ken Arnold, Auction/Banquet - Nita Mixon & Shirley Tolbert, Presentations/Door Prizes - Tim Glanzman, “It’s For Free” & Mart Auctions - Andy Staton, Security & Hotel Liaison - Marcus Bush, Hospitality - Tom & Hilda Norris
(by Tim Glanzman)
Setting up
Buy It Now
Buy It Now items
Buy It Now lookers
Foyer shoppers
Count down to close of bidding
SA items
Bidders viewing items
Place your bids
Stephen Egloff in Mart
Mart Silent Auction
Mark Darkazalli setting up his table
Its 4 Free crowd
It's  Free in the Mart room
Andy Staten and Ralph Pakluda getting It's 4 Free ready
Joe Mixon is a winner
Prize drawing
Tim Glanzman awarding prize
Stanley Pryor and Val Link remembered
Photos contributed by Becky Bush, Desmund Rolf, Stephen Egloff and Darrah Artzner
2021 All Texas Chapters Regional
The Chapter is proud to report that this year's Regional was a total success!  Overall, there were fewer attendees than in 2019 (we had no 2020 Regional) but this group of clock and watch enthusiasts were super excited and it showed.  This was the first year in many that it was held on Friday through Sunday and was also the first time that the public were invited to attend through several advertisements.  Indications show that the added advertising made a difference in public awareness, which makes sense, and probably the reason for the up tick in their attendance.  This demonstrated that our Chapter has much to gain by providing greater visibility within the region.  I might add that Covid-19 safeguards were in place all weekend with access to several hand sanitizing stations and free face masks.
Once again, the success of any event of this type is dependent on volunteers and the Chapter recognizes their hard work and efforts throughout.   Workers listed with major duties include: HOST CHAPTER PRESIDENT: Jeff Zuspan; 
 GENERAL CHAIRMAN: Ken Arnold;  'Its For Free' CH: Andy Stanton; PRE-REGISTRATION CH: REGISTRAR: Darrah Artzner; FINANCE CH: Avin Brownlee;  MART CHAIRMAN: Gordon Shahin; EXHIBIT CH: Marcus Bush; PROGRAM CH: Tim Glazman; AUCTION CH: Steve Egloff, Nita Mixon & Shirley Tolbert; HOSPITALITY CH: Hilda and Tommy Norris;  DOOR PRIZE CH: Tim Glazman; BANQUET CH: Nita Mixon;  SECURITY CH: Marcus Bush; UNLOADING/LOADING: (unidentified at this time)

What do you know, we had a prudish person that viewed the exhibit.
Main Exhibit
Silent Auction
Richard Cox (file photo)
Ralph Pokluda
Jim DuBois
Jay Dutton
Mart time
Ben and Heidi Fulbright
Mart shopping
Need a tie?
Time to talk
Need a watch?
National Representative Jay Dutton presenting the message from the NAWCC.
Banjo Clock quilt made by Eileen Egloff and auctioned live prior to the conclusion of the Chapter 139 Silent Auction.