This past year several members have been involved in servicing and upgrading a few of Galveston’s old clocks. One is on a street corner in the Strand and two others are located in the Frost Bank of Galveston. The clock located on the Strand is a ‘lollipop’ style and is “owned” by the Galveston Historical Society. It is a little different animal when considering access to it since it requires city permits and, obviously, scaffolding. Safety equipment is a must since workers will be elevated about 12 feet (to top of dial). Weight at that height is also a consideration for removal since it is about 30-40 pounds with bezels. No toy! The main crew consists of Gordon Shahin (lead repairman), Albert Rambaud, Andy Staton, Roy Bryant and Wayne Brooks. A couple of senior members, Ben Fulbright and Drew Lundgren, were consulted on several matters. Work is in progress.

The Frost bank is a E Howard model "0" tower clock with a 5’ diameter dial that was built in the mid to late 1920's. It was originally installed as a weekly manual wind clock in which an employee kept it running. The owners requested that it be serviced but, more importantly, how can it be made to auto-wind. No problem for the Chapter 139 crew! Kevin Killian restored the E Howard movement and Desmond Rolf built a self-winding mechanism for it. Others working on this clock were: Marcus Bush, Roy Bryant, Gordon Shahin and Jeff Zuspan. Time keeping updates were provided by Wayne Brooks and consultants were Don Bugh, Michael Dewlen and Del Rolison. Finally, Gordon Shahin oversaw improvements to the lobby clock in the bank.
Photos were provided by Marcus Bush, Jeff Zuspan, Andy Staton and Jennifer Reynolds of the Galveston Daily News.

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November 2021 meeting for planning work on Galveston Clocks.
Demonstration of auto re-wind feature.
Kevin Killian giving demo on auto-wind feature.
November meeting for planning work on Galveston clocks.
Getting suited up.
Setting up Scaffolding.
Group shot.
Crew working on the Galveston Street Clock located on the Strand.
Kevin and Andy.
Workers Gordon (front), Desmond and Andy.
Andy, Desmond and Marcus replacing serviced clock.
Hand drive being attached to movement.
Close up view of movement showing calibration dial.
Desmond installing clock.
Kevin and Roy cleaning dial.
Mounted clock movement.
Clock with auto wind.
Gordon fitting dust cover on to clock movement.
Exterior view of Frost Bank clock.
Galveston Frost Bank installation.