Copyright 2010 NAWCC San Jacinto Chapter 139
Copyright 2010 NAWCC San Jacinto Chapter 139
Ariel view of the Tower Clock Building (courtesy of J.G. Management LLC.)
Clock tower
Del Rolison, Marcus Bush and Mike Helfrich at work.
Del Rolison holding the motion works.
Wayne Denham, Marcus Bush and Ben Fulbright (?) at work on the clock movement.
Clock movement and one of the dials.
Movement was wrapped during clean out of the area.  Two of four dials visible.
Cable drum on time side.
Cable drum strike side.
Fly govenor.
Subsidary dial.
Roof access - bell and weights.
Conversion unit at dial.
Dial and time side weight.
Several Chapter members have been taking part in the restoration of the tower clock pictured below.  The building is a 60,000 foot privatly owned structure in the Heights (corner of Lawrence and 22nd street) that is being restored to former glory.  It will house nine office areas and multistory apartment space.  It was originally constructed in phases between 1893 and 1900.  The Seth Thomas clock is dated to 1915 and apparently was installed several years after completion of the building.  It was added to the National Register in the 1980s.

The clock last chimed 5 years ago and was last serviced in the late 1980s.  

Read a review by a fellow member that assisted with the clock restoration but wishes to remain anonymous.  Click
Top of the stairs leading to thrid floor where clock located.
Tower clock platform with clock in glass enclosure.
Stairs looking down from clock platform and showing doorway leading to down stairs.
Platform base.  One of the weights in corner located near bell tower ladder.
Cabling from weights.
Looking down from clock platform at one of the weights and tower ladder.
Ladder to bell tower and one of the weights.
Weight near window.
Movement showing first gear and cable attached to weights.
Cut glass pane allowing egress of cable attached to weights.
Fly wheel side of clock.
Pendulum suspension
Pendulum suspension
Gearing out to dials.
Gearing to dials.
Wayne removing protective cover from dial center.  Kept the birds out while doing repairs too.
Wayne Denham doing what most would not attempt.
One of the finished dials.
Wayne cleanning up.
More Heights Tower Clock photos
Tim Glanzman had a tribute made for all the workers that had donated their free time to this worthwhile project.  The original wood hands were given by the building owners as a memento.  Tim will also have documentation including location, volunteers etc. presented in a separate frame.

Photos courtesy of Becky Bush and Darrah Artzner..