After many years of providing the public with a source of knowledge on clocks and watches, the Southwest Museum of Clocks and Watches has closed its doors. The building located at 101 E San Antonio St in Lockhart, TX was sold to another party and the museum's contents had to be moved to a storage facility.  Hopefully this is only a temporary pause in the museum’s history. The Chapter got involved when the museum founder Gene Galbraith, sent out word that he needed help in moving some of the larger pieces to storage and, as is always the case, Chapter 139 members provided that support.  Marcus Bush handled the logistics for the move on Chapter 139's end and, on Saturday morning (11/19/2016) Marcus met with Drew Lundgren, Wayne Denham and Darrah Artzner at the Katy Mills Mall, Katy and car pooled us to Lockhart.  Geeze, you should have heard the stories. Stanley Prior and his wife met us at the museum for additional help along with several of Gene’s friends. We spent a pretty long day dismantling, loading and transporting to storage a sizable (bell) tower clock exhibit (the two large doors had to be removed to get it out of the building) as well as several large tower clock movements, boxes of small clocks and parts, and a clock organ. Visit the web site if you would like to get a better idea of what was involved with this move ( ).  

Marcus Bush and I are took some photos during the day but, unfortunately, there are few actions shots since we were part of the work crew and could not do two things at once. Enjoy!    (Darrah Artzner)

Beginning the removal process of the bell tower.
Gene Galbraith looking for screws to attach bracing material.
Working on bracing of tower legs.
Dan Seeet, Drew Lundgren and Stanley Pryor waiting for instructions.
Securing tower frame.  You know, I just can't sit like that.
Removing bell tower finials or my best pose.  The finials had to be removed before tilting the tower so it would clear the ceiling.
Marcus Bush, Dan Sweet, Stanley Pryor and Wayne Denham, also known as the bell tower moving crew.
Wayne loosening bolts for bell removal.
Getting ready to lower bell from tower structure.
Wayne Denham getting ready to remove bell.
Lowering the bell.
Empty bell tower.
Gene, Marcus and Stanley after bell removal.
Tower on the floor.
Adding supports to the lowered bell tower.
Bell tower being moved toward the front of the building.
Gene Galbraith's helper, Marcus Bush and Stan Pryor assisting in moving the bell tower.
Tower near front doors.
Can't get the tower out.  The doors had to be removed before the tower would clear the doorway.
Removing main doors in order to get the bell tower out of the building.
Door removal.
Bell tower ready for transport to storage.
Gene's helper.
On the move.
Storage facility.
Finished unloading a load at storage facility.
Clock movements and weights on trailer.
Wayne, Drew, Gene's helper, and Darrah off to storage.
Waiting to unload.
Weight Watcher.
Musical clock.  There were a total of 4 sections.
Group shot one.
Group shot 2
Group shot 3.
Way to go Marcus.
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