Activity:  Bring any clock, watch or horologically related item to the session.  Ask any question on any horological topic or give advice.  Bring whatever tools you think you might need.  Host members usually have tools to assist or investigate projects but not to give out long term.  Assessories such as desk lights and extension cord, paper towels, and doughnuts should be considered.  Just kidding, you could bring kolaches or anything else.  No project?  Just come by, visit and consider it a mental session.  

Presently all work needs to be taken home at the end of each session.  However, it is highly likely that long term projects will be able to stay at the facility until the work has been completed once the facility is finished being renovated.  

Future Mini Learning Sessions (It will be presented at random times so that it will  not interfere with the groups individual on going activities) :

1. Clock bushing by hand and machine 

2. Removing, cleaning and installing pocket watch springs in spring barrels. (January)

3. American Strike Side Lever

4. Hair spring balance movement 

5. Rack and Snail

6. Wooden clock movement restoration

Continuous one on one basic pocket watch disassembly and assembly.  Cleaning is made upon special request.

Donations:  Anyone wishing to donate tools, clock parts, topical books, cleaning solutions etc. will be greeted with open arms.  Our current selection of in-house tools for member use is listed here    (compiled by Drew Lundgren)   Check out the list to see if there might be something you can donate.  

Watch tools are also in need and a list has been compiled (by Shaun Clarke), similar to the clock tool list, of the basic tools necessary for basic repairs.  We currently have no watch tools for general use.  Click the buttons (below right) to view both lists.

Volunteers:  Members that have technological knowledge are encouraged to attend and assist others.   Member Advisors do not have to commit to attending every month.  Just contact any of the members listed on the right ( Contact: ) and tell them when you would like to attend.  Do you have a mini presentation of something technical you can present?  Lets us know!

Contact :       Tim Glanzman or Darrah Artzner
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Chapter members have been very supportive in either buying tools or donating them for use at the monthly Technical (Tech) Sessions.  The lists below show available tools and those needed.  Watch tools are currently supplied by each member as many are specialized per task and they can get quite expensive.
Clock and Watch Tool Lists
Main Spring Calculation 
Schedule:  These sessions occur on the 2nd Saturday of each month.  
Hours:  8AM to 12:00PM (times may vary)
(It will not take place if it interferes with another Texas Chapter activity)

Location:  Grace Community Church - 1021 Campbell Rd., Houston, Texas 77055  (more details)
Tech Sessions
Authored by Shaun Clarke
Authored by Drew Lundgren
Authored by Shaun Clarke

Guests Welcome