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Tech Sessions of January through March 2019
Tech Sessions of April through June 2019
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Ken Arnold showed everyone how to disassemble a kitchen clock movement for servicing and Bob Holkan brought in his results of dial restoration and gave attendees the steps on how it was reproduced.  View the gallery below to get more information on what and how it was presented.
Lime pie, doughnuts and kalaches.  What a deal!
Who is that guy?
Tim and new member Fred.
Bob Holkan's dial making process.
Bob's original dial.
Original dial cleaned up.
Final dial.
Dial making directions.
Ken Arnold presenting.
Ken breaking down a kitchen clock movement.
Ken Arnold using let down tool.
Happy crowd.
Secretary Stephen Egloff enjoying the session.
Val Link gave a demonstration of how to solder watch cases and other items when using acetylene and silver solder.
Bill Hardy told us about his adventures on 3D printing with examples and suggested some references.
Drew brought in some wire bending tools he uses to tweak clock parts. Some pendulums can also be tweaked with it.
Tim Glanzman starting session.
Drew Lundgren's wire bending tool.
Another wire bending tool.
Geoff Parker's watch.
Geoff's watch.
Vintage Bulova wrist watch.
Bulova wrist watch.
Bill Hardy talking about his 3D printer.
Bill showing 3D examples that he printed.
3D printed part.
Bill's instruction book for 3D printing.
Group discussion.
Val Link starting his soldering demo.
Val's demo.
More of Val's demo.
Attentive audience.
Marcus and Del hiding in back.
Mixing flux prior to soldering.
Val soldering (brazing).
Soldering completed.
Bob Holkan beginning his demo on reverse painting.
Title page of Bob's demo.
Bob showing example of reverse glass painting.
Clock with a finished reverse painted glass panel.
Decal method example.
Modified decal.
Image from internet.
Original decal printed from internet.
Decal converted to black and white.
Decal ready for transfer.
Pic reversed and ready to transfer.
Decal painted over for background.
Back of glass showing detail covered in white paint for background,.
Original scene in newspaper that was used for the reverse glass image.
Wood clock works in which Desmond wants to convert pendulum length.
Desmond discussing short drop vs. long drop.
Is this Omega wrist watch original?
Omega discussed about being original.
Seth Thomas clock ready for the August Silent Auction.
Shaun Clarke's double movement wrist watch.
Double movement wrist watch.
Snack time.
What can I say!
Is the skeleton clock original?
It was decided that the skeleton clock is original based on several factors.
Discussing skeleton clocks originality prior to director's meeting.
Drew Lundgren's presentation on reverse glass painting titled "Reverse Painting A Tablet For The Beginner Or Saving An Old Clock" was well received by all. He brought in several examples of the steps he uses which made it seem straight forward and easy to understand. We all know it takes a little practice but Drew's suggestions should make the process quite a bit easier to perform. Great job!

Desmond Rolf also brought in a wood movement he is converting from short drop to long or vise versa (I forgot what conversion he wanted), I don't rmemeber which. He raised the question of what would result in swapping escape wheels to alter tooth count to accomodate the pendulum switch. A consensus of what wheel to use was made for him to try.
Andy Staten presented an interesting talk on that big ugly iron framed clock.
Desmond showed reverse painted glass and instruction on how it was done. He also showed how to use case moulding for securing glass.

Stephen Egloff brought in a watch key box that was extremely well made, dovetails and all.

There are a few wrist watches shown below that will be in the All Texas Chapters Regional Silent Auction.
Home made depthing tool.
Bill Hardy's home made tool used to determine pivot hole spacing on clock plates.
Restoration by Desmond.
Example of reverse glass painting.
Desmond showing how to use veneer to secure glass panel.
Stephen's key box.
Key storage.
Edward examining well made key box of Stephen's.
Interesting clock movement.
Tim introducing Andy Staton's talk.
Andy Statin talking about Morbier movements.
Andy taking questions.
Did you ever see such a soldering problem?
Movement with a double rack.
Mvt with a double rack.
Example of using poor judgement.
Ford watch
Geoffrey Beene watch
Gross watch.
Kenneth Cole watch.
Silent Auction items.
More Silent Auction items.
John Trego gave a demonstration on reversible repairs for French and German escapement and pendulum crutches. He explained various applications of thread-locker and discussed their different types.
John Trego giving his presentation.
Old cuckoo clock front view.
Cuckoo clock rear view.
Regional Silent Auction serviced items.
Regional Silent Auction watches ready to go.
Secretary Stephen Egloff taking notes.
Shaun Clarke checking out the cuckoo clock.
Tim Glanzman's demo on....
Small clock movement being shown.
Tech Sessions of July through September 2019
Tech Sessions of October through December 2019
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Shaun Clarke who has been an Officer (VP twice), Director, presenter and instructor, will be leaving us in August, as you were previously informed, to persue his career in Brisbane, Australia. That is just a mere two days flight from Houston. He and his wife Katrina (remember the clock and watch cakes that were auctioned off at the All Texes Chapters Regionals?) have been 100% supporters of Chapter 139 in both actions and word and we thank them. In so doing, the Chapter will be sponsoring a going away catered early afternoon luncheon at Edward and Marnie's home on Saturday the 20th of July.

Mike Fell who has recently joined the association gave a presentation on a watch that originated from California and found its way into Texas history, something new owner was not aware even though he has lived in the state for over 55 years.Mike Fell.  According to Mike, the Thurber Mining company and mercantile store in Thurber, Tx and how the owners ran (controlled employees) the town. The company was a huge coal mining operation that began around 1873 and fiercely fought against labor organizing. They were also famous for brick manufacturing too. They fought to isolate the population from outside influence especially organized labor until petroleum defeated the coal business. The watch that peaked Mike's curiosity about the town is a private label South Bend 16s 15j cased movement that has the inscription T.P.M & Co. and is believed to have been sold in the store at that time. Thurber lasted about 40 years and then became a ghost town.

Members were notified that Chappell Jordan Clock Galleries will not be going out of the picture just yet. We were informed that a long time employee, who served as a clock repairer, has decided to continue the tradition and purchase the operation including its name.  It will be located somewhere on Sheppard St.

Lastly, the San Jacinto Chapter 139 charter was brought to the Tech Session site for safe keeping.
Shaun Clarke and Mike Fell.
Mike Burchfield, Marcus Bush and Del Rolison in back and Tony Tolbert in forground.
Stephen Egloff and Shaun Clarke (center)
Looking for member ID tags.  It helps us old dudes know whose company  we are enjoying.
Chapter 139 original charter.
Bill Eiland brought in several items he obtained at an auction, some of which were a Horolovar ticket clock, black face clock, Holland clock pic, E. Howard clock dial printer plate, etc.

Ken Arnold showed a British Jerome clock to the group.
Bill Eiland showing his clock.
Bill Eiland's clock
Bill's clock close up view.
Ben Fulbright's examining  Bill Eiland's clock.
Ken Arnold showing his British made Jerome clock.
British Jerome clock.
British Jerome dial stamp.
British Jerome clock rear view.
Black face clock front view.
Black face clock rear view.
E. Howard clock dial printer plate.
E. Howard and Co. dial printer plate impression.
Picture of Holland clocks.
Ticket clock made by Horolovar.
Horolovar ticket clock base.
Ticket clock movement housing detail.
More ticket clock movement housing detail.
Ken Arnold shared an early French pinwheel escapement movement that was modified (encased in a case) to prevent dust from entering the movement. He purchased Plexiglas and attached it to the movement with Velcro. Holes were drilled in the front piece for the hand and winding shaft.

Secretary Notes:  Geoff announced his resignation due to move out of state Chattanooga Tn.
Bill Hardy voted in as treasurer. Steve 1st, Ken 2nd, Nita 3rd.
Gene Bruce offered to assist Bill and Darrah on doing web work.
Announced Hubby yard sale
10-26-19 Statue refinishing class
LA regional feedback- not sure it will survive
Show and Tell:  Tim shared example of electro polishing to the group; Bill Zukley showed a belt driven drill and Atmos clock; Anne Jurescke shared post cards and brochures of mid evil clocks obtained during vacation; John Katz showed his restoration of an Ingraham kitchen clock that he bought at the regional; and  Andy Stanton shared a flat top clock that he got in parts from various tables at the One Day show.
Gordon Shahin ran the session due to Ken Arnold's absence. 
A few items from Secretary Notes:  New member Kurt Keelan was introduced. 
The Christmas party will be Saturday, 8 December, 2019 at 2 pm at Bob H.’s home. There will be a white elephant exchange; horologically related gifts with an upper limit of $25.
Drew Lundgren’s Advanced Clock Repair class was discussed  and the Basic Clock Repair class for six people at TurnKey Coatings was scheduled for Saturday and Sunday 30 November and 1 December 2019. 
It was noted that the chapter membership list has not been updated and that folks must provide Darrah with new information.
Ben F. showed a Reagan memorial quartz PW; and cautioned against using solvents on plastic domes.
Desmond showed his skeleton clock project and described the effort that went into making the octagonal pendulum.  
Darrah showed and spoke about purchasing and servicing an Illinois PW. As usual, an excellent, but simple piece to work up.
Review of handout on how to Make Your Own Hand Tools.
Gordon then did a demonstration of how to “bronze” a statue. This was a quick summary of the Statue Bronzing class.

Ken Arnold's pinwheel movement in protective case.
Geoffrey Parker receiving Life Time Chapter Member award.
Bill Hardy showing picture of watch factory workers way back when.
Bill's picture close up.
Ken Arnold talking about his black mantel clock.
Black clock label.
Gary Combs book recommended by some members.
John Katz presenting his restored clock.
Close up view of John Katz's clock.
Bill Zukley showing his old drill.
Bill Zukley got a good deal on ths Atmos.
Bill to Gorgon;  How do I fix this?
Desmond Lundy's had made skeleton clock.  Front view.
Desmond's skeleton clock. Rear view.
Desmond's skeleton clock top side view.
Desmond's hand made pendulum bob for his skeleton clock.
Desmond made these wood supports for the Chapter's watch cases when not working on his skeleton clock and with the little spare time he had.  Thanks Desmond.
Ann Jurecka brought in some clock related literature that she obtained wile on vacation.  Post card shown.
Watches for sale!
More watches for sale.
Looking for a good deal.
Come on Joe Mixon, buy one.
Edward McDowell volunteered to take on a temporary Secretary status until Stephen Egloff is available.  Thanks Edward!
Gene Bruce volunteering to assist in Chapter web work.  Way to go Gene!
Elgin 7j 8 day watch purchased during the latest One Day Show.
Elgin 7j 8 day watch dial view.
Darrah purchased this Hamilton cased watch at the One Day Show for $20.  It cleaned up great and is now a very accurate runner.  Some very good deals were available to all.
Desmund Rolf made this pendulum bob for his hand made skeleton clock (shown in the October Tech Session pics) and explained how he made it with precision.
Gordon Shahin giving his demonstration on how to antique an item.
Examples of antiquing or 'bronzing'.
Close up view of bronzed clock.
Finished clock case.
Finished statue.
Gordon's favorite antiqued item.
Gordon preparing for his demo.
Gordon giving his demo on precision dimension blacks and their uses.
Ben Fulbright giving a clock repair tip to members.
Bill Zukley showing members one of his latest finds.
A green vintage clock.
Early one hand clock. Front view.
One hand clock side view.
One hand clock. Bottom view.
U-Boat IFO watch.
U-Boat IFO watch. Back side.
New member presenting his clock.
Ken, Gordon, Roy and Tony working on projects.
Gordon Shahin helping solve a Bulle problem .
Marcus Bush working on the calendar of a Fashion clock.
Jeff, what are you doing?
Guess what month it is.
Roy Bryant solving a clock problem.
More Show & Tell
Tech room when no one is around.
Tech room.
Tech room out of session.
Tim Glanzman gave members a treat and let members hold  the Tech Session in the cafeteria since many employees were off work during the holidays.  Check out the photos of the Tech room when not in session.  Oh those poor furniture mover employees.  Tell them we really appreciate it.

Gordon Shahin gave a very nice presentation on precision dimension blocks that often accompany highly precise measuring instruments.