Gallery No. 3
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2023 All Texas Chapters Regional
The All Texas Chapters Regional, Houston, Tx: 
What a show! The registration desk recorded 385 attendees and 170 Mart tables. Slightly less tables were sold this year than last year but all were fully packed with 'stuff'. I heard that there was much energy in the Mart room and table holders expressed the fact that there was active buying and selling and they appreciated it. I couldn't witness much of the Mart activity as the registration desk was consistently busy both Friday afternoon and all day Saturday however, I do know, there was always a crowd where the Mart Silent Auction and 'Its For Free' tables were located when getting ready to open. I might also add that, even due to the outside heat, the unloading crew managed to assist sellers quite well. Everyone just had to remember to keep the doors closed in order to conserve energy. Those volunteers deserve a heap of thanks.  DA
President Stephen Egloff gave praise and kind words to members such as Ben Fulbright (photo on right) and John Hardy (photo on left) who passed away during the past year.  Both were long time members who contributed much to this Chapter.

Main Exhibit:
Desmond Rolf did an excellent job of overseeing the Main Exhibit of skeleton clocks and watches. He and several members brought in items for display and we thank them very much, especially since this writer knows how difficult it is to transport those larger fragile dome glass covered items without incurring damage. Desmond also made the watch display case with mirrored base and rainbow lighting so that upper and lower views of watches could be observed.
During the awards distribution, President Egloff presented Andy Staton with his well deserved Fellow award for his long time devotion and consistant hard work for the Chapter since it's very beginning. Andy's wife Lori received the Chapter 139 Star pin for her unrewarding support over many years. 
Chapter 139 Silent Auction:
More than 50 clocks, watches and related materials were on the tables and they were well received with spirited bidding from the respectful crowd. This year the Chapter added a Mystery Box in which several members contributed sealed horological items with values listed on each and only the contributor knew the contents of his/her contribution. Nita Mixon, who was in charge of the Silent Auction, indicated that the high bidder was going to get some nice items with great value. How did she know that? Will we ever know what items the high bidder received?   Well, here is one item that the high bidder Shann Harrigan received (photo on right).

Clock and watch presentations were conducted throughout the day on Saturday and they included:
Darrah Artzner – 18 Size Rockford Watches
Chris Bailey - The Rise And Fall Of Chauncy
Richard Cox (replaced Joe Kuechle who cancelled due to flight problems) - Clock Case Refinishing (no photo)
Kyle Rogers - Curvex Watches
Copies of these presentations are available for viewing in the EdCtr section of this web site.
Chris Bailey
Kyle Rogers
Darrah Artzner
Jarett Harkness (NAWCC Director) (left photo) was the NAWCC National Representative and guest speaker at the Breakfast Banquet Sunday monring. This was his first time as a representative and he did well. He represents a new generation of leaders to the NAWCC which is adapting to changes in the clock and watch world.
Breakfast Banquet:
Stephen Egloff (Chapter 139 President) chaired the Banquet and gave a warm welcome to everyone and thanked all participants for their hard work, emense support and friendly attitudes throughout. He thanked Co-host chapters 15, 80, and 124 and other contributors who donated funds and items for our give-aways and a huge thank you to all of our presenters (noted above).