Chapter Presentations And Educational Topics
The purpose of this page is to provide educational materials for reference.  These include presentations by members or non-members at previous functions or, any horological topic produced by members with the author(s) permission. 
Contact Darrah Artzner ( for submission of materials. 

Classes and presentations are being planned on a continual basis.  However, it would be nice if you let us know what interests you so we can address your needs.  This is easily done by simply contacting Joe Mixon .  Joe is currently your main contact on all classes.  Just tell him what you would like to learn and he will register your request.  He will then solicit for others to also sign up for the requested topic.  We usually require the need for a minimum number of students as it does take a specific amount of time and money to initiate a class.  This is usually 6 to 8 students but not necessarily a requirement. Refer to the Calendar section to view scheduled classes and other activities.  Unlike classes, presentations can occur during our monthly Tech Sessions.  Some are on the spur of the moment and usually are in the form of Show & Tell while others are what can be considered mini presentations.  Lengthy presentations usually occur at our One Day shows, however, I have never been disappointed regardless of the format.

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